10 Rosary Tips for Teachers

These 10 rosary tips for teachers will make classroom praying an adventure…and maybe even make it possible!

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

When planning prayer activities that involve the rosary, keep these teacher-tested tips in mind.

Use all-twine knotted rosaries. They won’t break!

Instead of storing classroom rosaries in students’ desks, hang them on push pins on a bulletin board.

Pray a full Rosary in one month using the “Decade of the Day” system. Pray one mystery each week—one decade per day.

Invite students to suggest prayer intentions for each bead of the Rosary they pray. Make a paper-chain rosary, writing each intention on one loop of the chain. Use a different color for the Our Father loops.

Organize an all-school Living Rosary. Use sidewalk chalk or soccer-field cones and markers to indicate the location for each bead on your school playground.

Celebrate with a cupcake rosary.

Students can make single-decade chaplets with pipe cleaners and pony beads and use these while praying the Rosary in class.

For very young children who lose their places easily, print out a rosary coloring page and direct them to color each bead as they go along.

Alternatively, don’t print that coloring page! Give each student a ball of play dough. They can place a small bead of dough on each bead of the rosary page as you pray together.

Edible rosaries are fun! Try making one with round cereal pieces (such as Cheerios) or marshmallows. Build the rosaries together, and eat as you pray.

Barb Szyszkiewicz is a Secular Franciscan wife, mom, writer, musician, and school library volunteer from New Jersey. She is an editor at CatholicMom.com and has taught in Catholic schools at all levels, from kindergarten through college.

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  1. Thanks for these tips to help teach children how to pray with rosaries. I am trying to help my own child learn how to do it, so I really appreciate the tip to try out edible rosaries to eat as you pray. Something like that and a book to help guide my child along in prayer are ways I think I’ll try to help my son out. https://beholdthymother.com/

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