What’s Your Organizing Style?

In organizing, as in life, one size does not fit all. Here’s a guide to choosing storage systems for school supplies that fit your students’ styles.

By Lisa Lawmaster Hess

Years ago, I was given the gift of a fresh start in the guise of moving to a smaller office. I was grumpy at first, but, after a little reading, a lot of thinking and many boxes, bins and crates, my change in location led to a change in attitude. I saw moving as an opportunity to do things differently and Organizing by STYLE was born. Armed with silly, kid-friendly names for the styles, I brought my particular take on organization into the classroom. With a playful, non-judgmental approach from me and much trust from my students, a typically boring topic turned into one kids could get excited about.

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A New School Year: Forgiveness, Love, and Peace

Kick off the school year with this prayer service.

by Jean Grant

Preparation: The theme “Teaching about God’s Gift of Forgiveness” comes to us from the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Catechetical Sunday, September 21, 2014. Forgiveness, as a gift, springs from the font of Baptism. With our hearts open to forgiveness, we keep the Word of Jesus alive and give witness to our faith expressed in the Gospel. Read more…