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Summer 2018 issue resources

Sacred Art Institute Traditional Iconography Workshop:
Sacred Art Institute Gregorian Chant Workshop:
Holy Apostles College Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Art:
Creative Writing Master Class:
Hernandez Fellows ENL Program:
ENL Online Professional Development Modules:
ENL On-site Professional Development:
Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows:
LEGO EV3 Teacher Training on-site classes:
Sophia Institute for Teachers:
Catholic Distance Learning:
Institute for Catholic Liberal Education:
CiRCE (Center for Independent Research on Classical Education) Institute:
On Our Website:

Defined STEM blog:
Project-based learning for introverts:
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports:
Complete Guide to Twitter Hashtags for Education:
Being Catholic e-journal:
iOS Tips and Tricks:
Twenty-Third Publications:

Kolbe Academy job opportunities:
Teaching for Homeschool Connections:

Blue Lake Camp (fine arts):
Feather River Art Camp:
Math Camp 4 Adults:
The Curriculum Corner:
“10 Reasons I’m Planning for a Summer Baby — And You Should, Too”
Christ Life (Discovering Christ series):
Franciscan University Adult Conferences:
Travel Guides for Teachers and Students:
Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Recipients:

St. Benedict Catholic School
High School of St. Thomas More
St. Dominic Academy
S. Leonard Community School
Holy Angels School
Padua Academy
Mt. Carmel Academy
St. Mark Catholic School
SS. Simon and Jude Cathedral School
The Notre Dame School
St. Francis Xavier
Butler Catholic School

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Teachers Know Best report:
From Print to Digital: Guide to Quality Instructional Materials
Essential Elements for Digital Content
Guide to Choosing Digital Content and Curriculum
EdSurge Guide to Choosing, Vetting, and Purchasing K-12 Ed Tech Products
“39 Questions to Ask When Choosing Media for Teaching and Learning”
Instructional Materials Toolkit
EdSurge Product Index
Common Sense Education Ed Tech Reviews and Resources
App Ed Review
Reading Rockets science literacy tip sheets
Book Creator App
Book Creator webinars

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